What a Year for Miss Cumbria

Hi Guys,
So one more full week of work until I can go home for Christmas! Just got to keep counting the days till Christmas and I can’t wait as I have a feeling that this could be a good one (touch wood) even though due to unforeseen family circumstances it’s going to be a tough one which is all the more reason to try and make it a smashing one.
It’s kind of scary how fast this year has gone but can’t wait for 2015 to begin. I think 2014 has been my favourite year to date with so many of my dreams accomplished. What have I accomplished?
• Miss Cumbria 2013/2014
• Miss England
• Great North Run
• Race for Life
• Volunteer at Eden Valley Hospice
• Successful Audition at ISSA
• Excellent Report for my first Module from ISSA
• Living in London
• Finding Me
• Health and fitness


It just shows despite having a few tough years previously that having little bit of strength, support and perseverance can really take you a long way and I will definitely try and pass this on for the New Year without a shadow of a doubt.




New Year’s Resolutions
• Stay Fit
• Pass on my Reign to a beautiful lovely lady (Can’t wait to meet you all!)
• Stay Strong for my family even though I’m so far away
• To apply for the Great North Run again and smash my previous time of 2 hours 13
• To keep trying my hardest at ISSA



What’s your New Year Resolutions?
Sorry for a short and snappy blog this week, but I have to dash to work again (busy busy)



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



Lots of love
Charlotte x