The ins and outs of Screen Acting.

Miss Cumbria's new city lifeHi guys, I hope all is well!


So I have spoken to work and thankfully I can get the time off to come to the interview process for Miss Cumbria which I am so excited about and can’t wait to meet you all!


ISSA’s being going well too, been given some challenging roles to play. I told you in the last blog how I have been cast as Angela in American Beauty and I will be doing my first kissing scene. Which doesn’t seem like a big deal but it’s actually more nerve racking than you think it would be but I can’t deny that I don’t love the challenge of it.


Which makes me wonder how intimate I would go as I do think it does take a lot of courage as all your insecurities could be on display but sometimes you have to push yourself into things you wouldn’t normally do otherwise you wouldn’t progress in life. And I have American Beauty tomorrow so massively looking forward to it.


We have also been focusing on duologues and I am partnered with Jorge and we are looking at the piece from P.S I love you which is such a funny scene to do which makes a difference as I normally do monologues which are sad, angry or loving so I’m quite looking forward to comedy piece as actually comedy is really difficult and in order for moments to be funny you have to play the truth behind it.


I also briefly mentioned about script writing in my last blog. When I last spoke to you we had only just wrote our script called U.N.I (not going to lie definitely stole it from Ed Sheeran) but it was interesting to actually perform our own scripts because you don’t realise how much work goes into script writing and difficult it can be, as you have tendencies to write the script for the audience by which I mean over simplify it so it’s easier to understand but sometimes this makes the script boring and unbelievable. Also performing your own script you can be an advantage as you have an exact idea of how you wanted the characters to be played and it’s also a way to find all the holes in the script.


Anyway goodnight guys can’t wait to see you at Miss Cumbria interviews in a couple of weeks time! If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!


Love Charlotte