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‘The Big Move’ – Miss Cumbria is going to London!

Miss Cumbria - Charlotte BaconHi Everyone!

So the Great North Run is this Sunday and the nerves are just about kicking in but the money is going towards two great causes, Eden Valley Hospice and Beauty with a Purpose. Feel free to tweet me if you would like to make a donation! – https://twitter.com/MissCumbria13

Even though I have been training regularly, it hasn’t gone without a few hiccups; running has slowly taken it’s tole on my left knee. It’s nothing that a knee support can’t fix, but I would have been foolish to believe that some injuries wouldn’t have occurred during training. I was just hoping it wouldn’t be so close before the race, however, I’m still going to give the race my all! 🙂

So if the Great North Run is 5 days away that means “The Big Move” is only one week away! Which means some of my readers will be moving too for University! And I bet everyone is as excited as I am to start being a little bit more independent now they are moving out of the family home.

So it means no Mum or Dad ironing our clothes, cooking us dinner or being our personal taxi driver (unless you can drive.) Is anyone else a little bit scared too? I know I am!

The only thing I can cook is Tuna Pasta Bake and even that doesn’t taste that great! I have to move all my stuff from the Bacon Residence to my flat in London via two separate trips consisting of a train journey and a tube journey but luckily my brother is back to help me with the move so hopefully having him there will make the trip a little bit more humorous and bearable.

If anyone has any top tips on how to reduce how much luggage I need then please feel free to tell me because at the moment it looks like I am taking my family with me.

Unfortunately I received bad news this morning that the Charity Masquerade Ball being held at Rheged on the 27th of September in aid of Cancer Research, at which I was supposed to be presenting, has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Although I’m disappointed that the event has been cancelled I would just like to send my love to those organizing the event as I know how much effort they put in to the Masquerade ball and I’m positive it would have been a massive success.

So if you have a couple of quid in your back pocket or some change lost in the couch somewhere maybe send it into Cancer Research UK – every penny counts right?

Thank you for reading!

Much love,

Charlotte X