Summer Celebrations for Junior Miss Cumbria.

Summer Celebrations for Junior Miss CumbriaHi everyone!

 So the last couple of weeks have been crazy filled with shows and trips away.

So last week I had a dress rehearsal for the ‘Dancerz’ show ‘Live for the applause.’ It’s been a busy day but I’m glad to say that it’s looking great!

All the dances and costumes look amazing and I can’t wait for the show. My week has consisted of making and painting 20 lollipops (GIANT SIZE) and multiple props for the show.

All the running around, raiding clothes shops, searching for pieces of ribbon for costumes and painting props has paid off and it looks ace!

It was the show on Saturday and everyone had a great time! I’m currently in Centre Parks for my friends 18th birthday! It’s red hot and we’re keeping ourselves super busy! (Hence the short blog) More next time!! 🙂

Love Ash x