Stay Positive – Junior Miss Cumbria

Hey everyone,


So I’ve come across a couple of situations recently that have got me thinking about peoples’ attitudes and how this effects certain opportunities. A lot of the time people say no if they have been asked to do something which may be out of there comfort zone; this is perhaps to avoid feeling embarrassed or failing. Saying no however prevents you from many things such as various life experiences, happiness or simply helping others.


Many of the time it’s all about what people think about you… Forget about perfection, perfection is boring- think about being your own individual, creating your own happiness- everyone else’s thoughts are just an opinions. Friendships, relationships, families all have there up’s and down’s, try not to read too much into films, songs, Disney! Etc as it clashes with reality and will only leave you disappointed and lower your self-esteem.


Junior Miss Cumbria - Stay Positive



ALWAYS be yourself! There’s nothing more important, why pretend to be someone your not? If you your constantly putting on an act then everyone around you will react to the person your pretending to be, not your actual self, this will create false relationships and will ultimately create a false happiness which won’t last. Spend your time with supportive people and less time with negative, limiting influences.


Stay positive!
Try to think of what good may come out of a bad situation, the experience, what you’ve learned from this. Try to stay motivated, if something goes wrong don’t beat yourself up about it, stop and take time to think about the situation and how it can be resolved, don’t dwell on it. Try not to cling onto the past; as hard as it is to forget some things, you can’t live you life with regrets and holding grudges, forgiving will benefit you in the long run.


Helping others it a great way to gain happiness. Often people focus too much on their own life, rushing around, organising everything, focusing only on the stressful side this means they often forget that there’s no rush. Time is precious, don’t overlook the beauty in each day. Listen to somebody’s problems, ask about their day, ring them when they least expect it, tell them your thinking of them, smile at someone if you maintain eye contact, say good morning to your bus driver or offer our seat to someone who’s struggling to stand on the bus, don’t be ignorant or invisible, simple things can make a huge difference to somebody’s day and it’s effortless!


Junior Miss Cumbria - Stay Positive



Give yourself the best start to the day. Wake up with enough time to get ready and organised for work/school; to have breakfast with your family and not be in a mad rush around the house trying to find your shoes because they magically disappeared out of the hall. Giving your self that extra 20 minuets and making sure your organised will just give you a nice relaxed start to the day and increase your overall happiness!


Saying yes to all of these things will make you a happier person, next time somebody asks you a question, have a good think about your answer and how it could effect you, will it open up bigger and better opportunities! If you don’t try you will never know!!


Love Ash xxxx