‘Seeing someone else smile instantly makes me smile’ – Junior Miss Cumbria

Friends and family mean everything to me because they’re always the ones who are by my side whether I need them or not. My friends are the people in life who make me laugh louder, smile brighter and live better. I have lots of friends who are all so lovely and by surrounding myself with those who constantly make me smile and laugh are the best people I could possibly surround myself with. My friends and I share the same sense of humour and sarcasm which is shown through the smiles we share. Seeing someone else smile instantly makes me smile.

Junior Miss Cumbria - Friends and Family

Friends and Family!


Over the years I’ve made friends from all over the country from sporting events to dancing shows, and throughout school. Throughout secondary school I’ve become friends with so many different people for all good reasons.
One friend of mine is like a sister to me, she’s my best friend after getting to know her throughout the early months of year 7. We do everything together from shopping, swimming to even going and getting our eyebrows threaded with each other. Anna and I have both grown in confidence together to not be embarrassed about anything.

Junior Miss Cumbria - Friends and Family

Me and Anna

Being so close has lead to us sharing so many secrets and becoming such fabulous supportive friends that we are.
Although surrounding yourself with lots of different friends of all ages allows you to share your laughs and jokes with each other, you sometimes get sick of seeing the same people day in day out; so it’s good to have as many possible friends you can wish for as friends never get old.

Junior Miss Cumbria - Friends and Family

The girls!

‘Laughter sparkles like a splash of water in sunlight’
It’s good to have lots of friends because, friends are like stars-you don’t always see them but they’re always there for you. Enjoy yourself with the diamonds you chose to surround yourself with and remember ‘Seeing someone else smile instantly makes you smile’.

Thank you for reading,

Alice xxx