Miss Cumbria’s new city life

Miss Cumbria's new city lifeHi Everyone!

I can’t put into words how much I love living in London as everything is within walking distance or a short tube journey away compared to living in a small hamlet where it is a 40 minute walk to the bus stop, which isn’t pleasant when its bucketing it down!

Even though I haven’t got any races to train for at the moment, I have still been keeping up with the daily running around the Olympic Village.

The reason for this is because I had such a wonderful experience doing the Great North Run that I am considering doing it again next year even though my legs are only just recovering from the last one! I am also thinking of trying to convince my brother to run it with me in pig costumes (jokes in our last name!)

Now that I have settled into my flat in London I have started Job hunting for a little part-time job on the weekends, so I can support myself whilst I am at Acting School as living expenses are a lot higher in London as opposed to Cumbria.

So this week has been all about handing out my CV to as many places as possible. Fortunately I have been given the opportunity for a trial run tomorrow night at All Star Lanes bowling as a waitress which I’m looking forward too as it has the décor of an American Diner which is certainly different to the traditional country pub that I work in at home!

I am looking forward to working again as I have missed it since I like to be kept busy.

As of Monday the partying/socializing will have stopped and I will be starting my first day at ISSA and I am so excited but nervous all at the same time to get back into drama after having a year out, but I am looking forward to meeting the rest of the people on the course as well learning new styles of acting as the school specialises in screen acting which is completely different from theatre. So I look forward to telling you how it is all going in a couple of weeks time!

Much love
Charlotte X