Miss Cumbria Takes Part in Race For Life!


Miss Cumbria - Race For LifeHello Everyone!

I have had a busy few weeks since my last blog. I have been working as much as I can in order to save enough money for when I move to London.

Even though I’m not moving for another 5 weeks the days are flying by and each day is becoming a little bit more exciting than the day before.

Although I have been busy with work it hasn’t stopped me from taking the odd shift off as I took part in the Race for Life on the 13th of July.

The Race for life is such a brilliant day out and I would recommend anyone to apply to do it next year.

Every individual had a different reason for why they were taking part whether it was for friends, family or even themselves! I was taken aback by the way our community came together in order to honour the lives of those who have past.

I loved how everyone took part whether it was to run, jog or walk the race (some pushing prams and walking dogs). I did decide to run the race which was 10k, it’s pretty crazy how the crowd can carry you all the way round.

Even though I knew I would be able to run the 10K it definitely was one of the fastest times I have ran it in (55 minutes) compared to running it at home and I strongly believe this due to the backing of the crowd and adrenaline on the day.

Being part of the Race for Life has made me more excited for the Great North Run which I am still training hard for and I am hoping like the race for life the crowd and adrenaline will get me through on the day!

I’m still waiting for confirmation on a couple of events which I would like to take part in, so hopefully you will see me soon!

Much Love