Miss Cumbria – New Year in London

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I wrote a blog. Unfortunately I didn’t have a great Christmas due to personal circumstances, but I won’t go into it.


I spent my new year in London this year; it would be a shame if I didn’t bearing in mind I live here. Most of my flatmates spent their new year at home but due to work there were a couple of people who came back, so we decided to go to the London fireworks by the London eye. We did manage get relatively close bearing in mind you had to buy tickets this year.


Miss Cumbria New Year 2015



Even though it was amazing to see such an amazing and publicised event, I have to admit that I wouldn’t do it again. Simply because standing in the cold for hours isn’t my idea of fun, despite this we did meet some lovely people. Getting back to my flat was absolute nightmare as they close the majority of the tube stations and there are hundreds of thousands of people all wanting to go home. I can’t deny that it was beautiful though and I’m definitely glad that I went, otherwise I probably have regretted it.


I am now back at ISSA! And the school definitely wasn’t lying about the work load getting substantially heavier, looking back at the work load in the first module compared to the second. I had it easy. We are currently working on some script writing. It is a lot harder than it seems the amount of drafts you have to go through to get a reasonably okay script is ridiculous. It is very easy to get carried away with your imagination, which is when errors occur, and even though it might make sense to me, I have to try and make sure the audience will pick up the thought process.


Miss Cumbria New Year 2015


We also currently working on American Beauty which I am extremely excited about. I’m playing Angela; she is a complex character who comes across quite arrogant but actually it’s just a way for her to deal with her insecurities. If you haven’t watched the film then I highly suggest that you put it on your “to watch” list, it is truly a classic film.


I know it’s only January but we are already looking for places to live next September and we have found a few places in Canary Wharf which I have utterly fallen in love with, and I would be gutted if we didn’t get one as they’re amazing, modern, include a pool and gym membership as well as being a decent price in such an amazing area. Eeeeeeek I can’t wait for our next viewing and hopefully we will put a deposit down then!


Lovely to write to you again