Miss Cumbria is on busy Beauty Queen!

My Second wedding fayre took place on the 9th March at Rheged, which was very exciting. I was given the opportunity to present/host the fashion show which also included stalls such as Carol Roberts and Family Affairs.

Carol Roberts kindly gave me a fish tail pink prom dress with exquisite black lace to present and model in. When I first saw the crowd an overwhelming rush of nerves overwhelmed me; but as soon as I started to speak the audience began to clap, which was lovely, quelling my nerves & making me feel a little bit more confident and at ease.

Miss CumbriaI passed my driving test on Tuesday! I cannot explain the relief that I feel now that I have finally passed even though I have only been learning to drive little under a year it feels like a life time and I’m now excited to start new adventures!

I had a meeting with Eden Valley Hospice this week which was a proud moment for me as I received my personal name badge which means I am now officially a volunteer for Eden Valley Hospice.

As part of their fundraising and events team, I met up with some of the team and talked about up and coming events which I shall be helping out with, I simply can’t wait to get started for this brilliant cause!

Recently I have been writing to local businesses asking if they would donate Easter Eggs which I could give to the children in the local hospitals and/or Jigsaw, the children at the Hospice depending on how many eggs I receive.

Tesco rang me with lovely news that they would donate a voucher for me to choose a selection of eggs in order take some to the children, I am still waiting for a few more replies so hopefully a few more eggs might be coming my way!

Looking forward to catching up with you soon,

Charlotte x