Miss Cumbria helps to raise £1450 for the Eden Valley Hospice.

Hello again!

Last Saturday 26th April, I auditioned for the International Screen School of Acting in London, the audition process included a physical workshop, incorporating warm-up, movement and voice work, followed by a screen test, and a performance to camera with a script provided on the day.

This was my first trip to London, so a new experience of travelling a long distance by myself on the train and getting lost trying to negotiate my way round the underground system, however, I have to say, that the whole day, was great fun and I didn’t mind getting lost at all!

On Thursday, I had the most amazing news, confirming my successful audition; I cannot tell you just how thrilled I am to have been accepted by such a wonderful school.

The teachers and pupils were all lovely and so now I have the task of finding student accommodation and meeting new people and making friends in London!

On Friday, I had some pictures taken by local photographer Emma Stoszkowski, at a local beauty spot, Talkin Tarn, which is a couple of miles from where I live.

The pictures are currently in the process of being edited, however, here is one from the shoot!

Emma Stoszkowski- Talkin Shoot - Miss Cumbria

Emma Stoszkowski- Talkin Shoot – Miss Cumbria

You may remember in my last blog, I mentioned, I had undertaken some fundraising activities; I am pleased to say, that Emma Marshall of Eden Valley Hospice has confirmed a total of £1,450.00 was raised.

Well, that’s all for now, looking forward to writing again in a couple of weeks

Charlotte xx