Miss Cumbria 2015 – Interview Day

Miss Cumbria - interview day

Hey all,
Busy week again feel like I haven’t stopped but all is good with life down south.


So what have I been up to? Well this weekend it was the Miss Cumbria interviews at the Hallmark Hotel. I travelled back up to Carlisle straight after work so I was feeling fresh to meet everyone on Sunday morning. It was lovely meeting all the juniors and seniors and getting to have a chat with them too see what they were like and I can honestly say I am impressed with every single girl who turned up, all the girls were very eager and excited about the show on the 21st.


It’s very weird to think a year and 3 months ago that was me going through exactly the same thing so I fully understand everyone’s nerves. I would recommend as a tip to turn any nervousness into positive energy as nerves can be very good for psyching yourself up. I can’t wait for the finals and too see all the girls in their stunning outfits I am most looking forward to Eco wear as I think this round brings out an individual’s personality too. I’m hoping to stay involved as much as I can even after my reign so you might hopefully (fingers crossed) see me sticking around.


Also there might be the possibility that I could be entering Miss London 2015 as I have been accepted to go to the interview process which is very exciting news! The only unfortunate issue is the interview runs at the same time as my University schedule and as you may know acting schools don’t really like giving time off to students unless it’s essential. If I am able to attend the interview then I seriously can’t wait, I feel like I have grown up a lot in the last year especially in the last 6 months living down in London and can’t wait. So things are starting to look up again!


I have also signed up for the Great North Run again! I think I must be mad I didn’t think I would do it again after September even though I loved it, but it was really hard work. But my brother has managed to convince me and I have signed up again.


That’s all for now!


Lots of love
Charlotte X