London is the New Cumbria

It’s me again!

Just a quick a blog to tell you how I am!


Last week my class and I went to the fireworks show in London which was beautiful! We caught the tube straight after school to Canada waters where it was being hosted, I’m not going to lie I don’t normally enjoy fireworks but these were beautiful and it was just nice to take a moment off from rehearsing and working to chill out with fellow class mates.

Since I last spoke to you I have started a new monologue from the programme “Orange is the New Black” aired on Netflix which was originally performed by Pensatucky. If you haven’t watched “Orange is the New Black” I would seriously recommend it. The reason why I have picked this monologue is because it is something completely different compared to my last monologue Allie from the notebook which is very romantic. Whereas Pensatucky’s character is a criminal who is very religious and has been tricked from other inmates that she can heal those who are injured, and ends up in Psychiatric care, I think it’s going to be interesting for me to find out which roles suits me most! This role should be more interesting to play as an actress can have more fun with the character opposed to someone relatively natural.




I have now decided that because I am now living in London instead of Carlisle I am finding it hard to keep up with events as I live relatively far away from home. So I’m going to incorporate more of my own life into my blogs. Basically at school we are always being asked if we have watched any new films/Tv series and what we think of the cinematography as well as certain performances, so I thought from now on I will start writing my opinions of films in my blogs and give you feedback on which films are a “must see”. I gave you a little hint earlier what I think would be a “good watch” earlier and that’s Orange is the New Black.

Currently planning on when I will be back at home in Carlisle, so I will keep you informed on dates, anyway I’m off to try and see if I can go and have a quick swim in the Olympic park pool.

Much Love
Charlotte X