Junior Miss Cumbria’s Little Sister is a Star

Hey guys, it’s nearly Christmas!!!!


I’m getting far too exited, this week we’ve put up all our Christmas decorations-it looks so magical! I’m also rehearsing for Stagedright’s Christmas show which is exiting; I can’t wait to perform all the Christmas songs with everyone.



Christmas has to be one of my favourite times of the year when all the family comes together, all the songs are on and having my four year old sister makes it all so exiting, yesterday she made me write my Christmas List for Santa Claus before its too late!



image (2)



I’ve been quite good with my Christmas shopping this year however I’ve decided I hate doing secret Santa’s for multiple reasons!!!!


1. Everyone always finds out who’s buying who


2. you only ever have to spend around £5 what can you get for £5?! and


3.half the time you don’t even know the person so how what are you meant to buy them? I usually do it with my brother and sisters which isn’t too bad as you have a rough idea what to get them, however last year by brother bought my sister a ‘ball of nothing’ it was literally a plastic ball with air inside. She wast too impressed…..although it can be quite amusing I have 3 secret santa’s to buy this year and no clue what to get!



image (5)
15 days and counting!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!



Until next time,
Ashleigh xxxxxx