Introducing Alice Ghorst – The new Junior Miss Cumbria 2015.

Junior Miss Cumbria - Alice Ghorst

(image by Andy Bristow Photography)

Hi all, I’m Alice Ghorst the newly crowned Junior Miss Cumbria 2015.


Last weekend I was crowned Junior Miss Cumbria 2015/16, it was such a big shock to me and still hasn’t quite sunk in yet. I just thought I’d introduce myself you to all go let you’s get to know me a bit better!


I’m 16 years old and I’m from Little Orton just outside of Carlisle. I’m a very active person who likes to be out and about, playing hockey on Sunday’s and training on Tuesday nights. I also enjoy dancing and attend Razzamataz Theatre Schools Carlisle on a Saturday where I also volunteer to be a classroom assistant with primary aged school children.


I love to help others out and see them enjoy something that I enjoy too. I’m a country girl and love the outdoors, you can’t beat the fresh air! I live at home with my Mum Joanne, Dad Paul and sister Hollie! I’m not really an animal person yet we dogs, chickens and ferrets!


Junior Miss Cumbria - Alice Ghorst

Interview day (image by Andy Bristow Photography)


This year in April will be the fourth year I haven’t ate chocolate, after giving it up for lent back in 2011. I’m a very determined girl that won’t give up once I’ve set my mind on something! You just have to believe in yourself!


I love performing arts and have performed at Her Majesty’s theatre in London’s West End three times. It has been so much fun which I recommended to anyone if you get the chance to do it don’t say no! My last performance was in November last year when I found out I was in the finals for Junior Miss Cumbria.


All the contestants at Miss Cumbria 2015 - Photo by Milton Haworth

All the contestants at Miss Cumbria 2015 – Photo by Milton Haworth


Junior Miss Cumbria - Alice Ghorst

Crowning – Photo by Milton Haworth


Junior Miss Cumbria - Alice Ghorst

My beautiful flowers! (Photo by Milton Haworth)

I entered the competition because I thought it was something different for me to do, and sounded so exciting. I just entered one day and forgot all about it until when I got a text off Mark saying I was in the finals! I couldn’t believe it and was ready to set myself a challenge! I didn’t go in for the winning because it’s not all about the winning.


I went in the competition because I wanted to give it a go and to see what it had for me! From raising money for such a superb charity to making my Eco dress and meeting all the team and contestants, I absolutely loved every second of it. I thought it’d be lovely to come out of the competition with something, which I did, but I couldn’t believe that that something was the winning title!!! It’s still a huge shock to me and hasn’t sunk in yet, I couldn’t be any happier.


I totally recommend entering any competition like this even if you aren’t confident because I have made so many new friends and had such a great time, you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did, whether you win or not!


Junior Miss Cumbria - Alice Ghorst

Me and my new big sister – Miss Cumbria 2015, Jordan Smith


Junior Miss Cumbria - Alice Ghorst

Me and Ashleigh Johnston – Junior Miss Cumbria 2013


I’d like to say a big congratulations to everyone in the competition – you all looked beautiful and should be proud of yourselves!


I hope you enjoyed my first blog, next time I hope to post a vlog! Keep posted and watch out for it in the coming weeks.


Love Alice, your new Junior Miss Cumbria 2015 xxxxxx