I Had an Amazing Time

It was originally one of my best friends who entered me for Miss Cumbria; because I was determined I wouldn’t even get past the first stage. It just shows you how wrong you can be!

I had an amazing time, and entering me was definitely one of the best things my friends have done.

Since the experience I’ve had a MASSIVE confidence boost, which helps in more than just modelling. That’s the best part of the whole experience, but during the finals, the best part was the friends we all made throughout the day!

I’ve had a huge confidence boost from taking part in Miss Cumbria and I’m not afraid to pick clothes that make me stand out any more. I have worn totally different styles of clothes, and tried so many new things with hair and make-up. I picked up lots of style tips from the other girls.

If you’re thinking of entering Miss Cumbria, you won’t be disappointed! All the team are LOVELY, you have great fun, and a huge confidence boost by the end!

I would definitely do it again!

Rachel x