Junior Miss Cumbria Dalston Show

Carlisle Eden Mind

A lot of Miss and Junior Miss’ dedicate their time and title to a certain charity or cause that they are passionate about whereas others support a wide variety of causes. My own experiences with mental health meant that when I won Junior Miss Cumbria in 2016, I knew exactly what I wanted to dedicate my title to. Yes, I wanted to give back to my community but I wanted it to be a little bit more specific.


In December 2016, I got involved with Carlisle Eden Mind who are my local branch of the charity ‘Mind’. Carlisle Eden Mind help people who suffer with mental illness and they have become one of the first ‘Time to Change’ hubs in the UK.


Junior Miss Cumbria World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day 2017


Time to Change is an organisation that encourages people to talk about mental health. Time to Change Cumbria and Carlisle Eden Mind have organised a number of events to allow people to speak up and talk about mental health, one of these being ‘Time to Talk day’.


Junior Miss Cumbria Dalston Show

Carlisle Eden Mind had a stand at Dalston Show 2017 to raise awareness for the charity


Volunteering and being a part of these events has allowed me to speak to a variety of different people about mental health. It has been extremely rewarding being able to help out with something I feel so strongly about. It has also allowed me to meet different people that I perhaps wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t have got involved with Carlisle Eden Mind.


Junior Miss Cumbria Dalston Show

Supporting Carlisle Eden Mind at Dalston Show


I am also planning on doing something I have wanted to do for a while as a fundraiser for them in the Easter holidays but that’s still a surprise… for now ?.


Watch this space,


Abbie x