A Sunny Day In The Cumbrian Countryside

It has been yet another exciting week here in Cumbria.

I had the privilege of being asked to model for Carlisle Living magazine along with my boyfriend Patrick Farrell.

The day began bright and early at 8.30am at The Edge hair and beauty salon on Chapel Street, Carlisle where the two of us had our hair and make up done ready for the shoot.

We then headed off to the top secret location out in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside.

I’m unfortunately not allowed to give too much away before the magazine is published but do make sure you obtain a copy when it comes out on the 30th June!

The clothes were amazing…it’s safe to say my bank balance is now a lot lower than it was previously after falling in love with too many items and having to head into Carlisle to purchase them after the shoot!

The day was wonderful, even the sun came out too which allowed us to have a lovely picnic when we broke for lunch.

The team was fantastic and treated us like royalty.

The stylists Lauren and Damien knew exactly what items should go with what and I wish I could have them to dress me every morning!

If you can’t wait for the 30th then below is a little sneaky taster of some of the clothes Patrick and I wore for the shoot.

The picture shows the team who worked together on the day…(Left to right) Danny the photographer, Patrick, Debbie (me), Lauren and Damien the stylists!

The rest of the week has consisted of me running around here there and everywhere trying to ensure I’m fully prepared for the Miss England finals next week!

I’m so excited to head to Torquay with Team North and meet the rest of the Miss England girls!

And finally this week…

I’m Loving…

That the sunshine has finally made an apparence! We could even say that summer has finally started. Time to get out those trade mark pasty English legs and try to catch a tan!

I’m hating…

The appearance of the sun means a 100% increase in the number of tractors on the road as they try to harvest the hay before the rain returns! Going somewhere in a hurry? You thought wrong!