Miss Cumbria

A day in the life of a Film School student.

Miss CumbriaHi Again!

Not much has changed in the last few weeks; I still love life in London. But I have been working long hours on the weekend in order to afford living costs throughout the week which most of the time leaves me relatively tired for school on Monday. But every student knows how tiring work and student life can be, so I won’t go into it.

I’m currently working on Allies monologue from the Notebook. The Notebook is one of my favourite films however I’ve been struggling to connect with this particular monologue because it’s very “Hollywood” and rather dramatic. Even though I am finding it hard, it’s good to learn where my weaknesses lie so I can try to improve wherever possible.

I am looking at short play called Burning cars where I play Lauren which is about a group of students who accidently get involved in a hit and run.

Although Lauren doesn’t say much within the play, she has the most acting to do, as her character is very innocent and mature however in this script she is the character who actually committed the crime. She has to come across as being overwhelmed as well as sick with guilt.

Our class is also doing a film project which is also a short film. Each group’s short film has to be aimed around an object. Our groups object is a friendship bracelet which is about a group of 6 friends whose friendship is currently on the brink of breaking because of drugs, alcohol and relationship problems and it’s up to 2 friends within the group to try and save the group of childhood friends from falling apart.

The short film we’re are currently filming is mainly an introduction to the course and very much like my monologue of Allie in The Notebook is to see where our strengths and weaknesses are.

Even though I went back to Carlisle on the weekend I unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to the Team North meeting held in Preston last weekend due to unforeseen circumstances back at home, which I was rather upset about as I was looking forward to a catch up with girls and to talk about future events.

This will be the last time I am writing to you as a 19 year old as in 2 hours’ time I will be turning 20! Although I am looking forward to it I am no longer going to be a teenager. I am actually relatively sad I won’t be 19 anymore as it was such an incredible year!

Lots of love

Charlotte X