Junior Miss Cumbria

Junior Miss Cumbria starts her new life

Hello all,

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Beauty is being the best possible version of you on the inside and out

I apologise for not being very active lately with regular updates or blogs, however I do have a lot of exciting news.

These last few months I have been studying hard for my As exams where I’ve sat 9 in total. It’s fair to say I’ve been quiet studying for them although hopefully it will pay off when I get my results in August. If I haven’t been revising I’ve been working.

In February I passed my driving test first time which was such great news to me making it a lot easier to get about now I can drive my own car.

During Easter I managed to spare some time to spend the weekend away with my best friend in London where we visited the queen 😉 and also went to NCS live where we got the spend the afternoon with Tinie Tempah, Craig David and Jess Glynne in concert.







Me and Emily outside an original post-box in Covent Garden.



Here we are visiting the Queen for tea and ‘S-cones’






In the time I’ve kept quiet I’ve also managed catch up and tea out with friends too, taking a break from hard revision and exams.




Now all exams have finished for me I’ve moved on to the next chapter of my life and started a new job with Burnetts Solicitors in Carlisle working full time as an apprentice. I was too eager to continue with another year of school and wanted to enter the big wide world properly.



Celebrating my success with the new venture I enjoyed a night out for Bank Holiday with amazing friends and the best sister I could ever have.









Once again, apologies for being quiet these previous months-BUT I do promise a lot more next time.





Lots of Love Alice Ghorst – Your Junior Miss Cumbria xxxxxx